Advice for a "goth" girl dating a "normal" guy?

I've been on a few dates with a really polite guy, he seems really interested in me and even introduced me to his mom. He knows that I wear all black with chunky shoes and thick makeup, he first met me like that. He's a very clean cut, respectable young man (he's 25, I'm 21) but he's only had one or two girlfriends in his whole life, which makes me worry if he's dating me because he's been single for 4 years or does he actually like me?

Every night that he drops me off, he always walks me to the door, holds open doors for me, he put his jacket around my shoulders, he SEEMS really interested, but I'm not sure if it's genuine interest or just deperate interest, I know there have been a few girls to like him, but they don't like much of what he does at all.

He's a little geeky, we first clicked when he mentioned the fact he played a lot of the same video games I did, he also loves musicals, singing, art, half of the music I like (minus the more metal type stuff), and he tries really hard to show off (ex. When he's singing or bowling, wearing a good smelling cologne, occasionally a pair of black cargo pants, he'll style his hair, clean his glasses really well, bring over some of my favorite movies he's also into, overall look nice like he's got someone he's trying to impress).

I don't know if he's just being really friendly or he actually wants to take our relationship further than just a few dates.
Advice for a "goth" girl dating a "normal" guy?
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