What should I get my girlfriend for her 19th birthday?

Her birthday is at the end of the month and I need to decide on what I'm going to get her. I have some ideas but not too sure and its complicated by the fact that Christmas isn't very far. Here are the running candidates:
Sapphire and diamond necklace $400.
Sapphire and white topaz ring $100.
Sapphire, diamond-accent, pear shaped earrings $100. (Note: I like the idea of her gift having her birthstone, and she is dyeing her hair into a glow in the dark blue and green, which matches, I guess).

I'm thinking necklace and earrings or just the necklace. But maybe both at once would raise her expectations for Christmas (which I'm not sure what to get for then either).
Any helpful answers are very much appreciated, th

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  • if you aren't marrying her you are trying too fucking hard

    • Maybe. $400 won't really bother me, but I'll probably get it from an ex-employer who owns a jewelry shop, for about $100... I just don't really like to receive favors, even if the person knows and likes me.

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  • I don't think you need to try so hard like it's not like you are married also it depends on how long you two have been together cause if you two have dated for like a year or 2 its fine to give a 100$ gift but a 400$ gift is marriage or decade status.

    • I'm not trying hard, I just have do well for myself and don't mind.

    • Typo, ignore the "have."

      And I didn't mean to down vote you I just have my touch screen's sensitivity set to high... I can't seem to undo that either :/

  • Gift doesn't always have to be an object an amazing date to a restaurant or bring her shopping and let her choose, like a day catered just for her what girl doesn't want to be the center of attention especially it's for a whole day just between her and her boyfriend

  • New car! Now that's will impress her.

  • Does she like any particular jewelry or hinted of anything she wants


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