Didn't kiss her on 3rd date, could she still be interested?

So I've been on 3 "dates" with this girl I like, but I still haven't kissed her or made a move. Its been a weird relationship so far, and I can't tell what she really wants. First date we met at my place and watched a movie, but we really just talked the whole time. She had to leave early because she said she was ditching her friend, and felt bad about it. At this point, I figured she wasn't really interested, but we ended up have a second date. This time it was at a firepit where we just talked and joked around. This is were I know I should have made a move. We both had an awesome time, but ended it with a big hug. Today we just had our third date. Originally it was supposed to be dinner and drinks last night, but she had something come up and suggested a walk in the park today instead. We walked for a couple hours, and again, it ended in just a hug and she said "it was great hanging out with you."

What the hell can I do to save this? Is it just a lost cause at this point? I can't tell if we have been on dates, or just have been "hanging out." I've been thinking of just straight up asking her "odd question, but are we just friends at this point?" or something along those lines. what do you think about this situation?


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  • She's probably unsure if you are interested in her or just want to be friends. You both seem a bit shy but I would say that if you've gone on "dates" three times already you both likely have an interest in each other. You should just tell her that you like her, there's no other way to really know :) My boyfriend didn't give me any hint that he liked me (besides from long goodbye hugs) until the end of our 6:th "date" when he told me he liked me. Everyone is different :)

    • do you think it would be weird if I text her something like "I know you said you're really analytical, so I want to save you the trouble and just say I like you, and I had a good time today." Or should I just leave it alone and see if she wants to meet up again?

    • she's mentioned numerous times she overthinks a lot and is very analytical about everything

    • I think that's a great idea :) If you have a hard trouble finding the right time when you see each other a text is a very good solution, I think and hope you'll get good news :) Good luck and tell me how it goes if you like!

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  • Take her on another date and do something that shows you like her. Hell! Maybe even give her a kiss at the end of it. It can just be a peck, but it'll show that you've got strong feelings for her. Don't let her think that you're not interested in her!

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