Surprise first kiss on second date?

So I've been seeing this girl recently and it's been going great as far as I can tell. However, in our first date we just walked around the campus so I didn't get the chance to get in a kiss and didn't want to do the overly cliched "kiss at the end" thing. (I'm also a pretty shy guy)

So I'm thinking on the next date, I'll tell her to close her eyes because I have a present and then kiss. Would that be too weird? I'm thinking that she'll like the spontaneity of it. Plus a kiss is not a big deal.

If it's too weird, I can just randomly stop her while she's walking and then look in her eyes. This will create sexual tension and then I'll break it by pretending that I beat her in a staring contest. With this tension high, I'll do the surprise gift thing quickly afterwards.

Signs that I'm sure she likes me too:

1. I've used a lot of physical contact while walking around and she didn't shy away from it.

2. A few days before the first date I "accidentally" moved my leg to touch hers and she didn't move away.

I feel like I should just go for it, if she's not down then I'm just wasting my time at this point.


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  • You're over-thinking it, lol. I wouldn't completely surprise her with it, but just lean in and kiss her at a good moment. At the end of the date when you guys are saying you've had a good time and all that also works, cliche or not.

    • problem is there have been women that say they had a good time just to be nice and don't really mean it.

    • Sure, but she'll probably move away, or let you kiss her cheek instead if that's the case.

    • godfather, if you're continuously physically escalating and she doesn't shy away, there's no reason she would reject the kiss. Body language is way more important than words.

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  • yeah it would ! what if she doesn't kiss you back? i mean kissing has specific moment , you can't just lay over s. o and kiss him, or lean on him and start kissing him , a kiss should be mutual...


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  • 1) bad idea
    2) bad idea
    Look, it can be awkward. That is why I love it when they kiss me first. But the way I have handled it is I don't do it on the first date. On the second date, at what seems to be a good point, I just look at her and say "I have to confess that since I first saw you I have wanted to kiss you." At that point if you don't hear an immediate objection then kiss her. Or you can add 'would that be ok?" and see what she says.
    I don't like to just do it. So if they don't kiss first then I ask permission.

    • Asking for permission to kiss? I feel that that'll make me look pretty beta. Nonetheless, I appreciate your opinion.

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    • Opening the car door is fine, I'm a gentleman myself too. But girls like when you take lead, after all I am the dominant person in this relationship. If she doesn't like it, then too bad, I don't have time to waste on you. Next.

    • once you go through the door you can be the aggressor. You think the way you do because your young. You will find out as you grow older how women react to certain things. First impressions mean a lot. You risk screwing up something that could have been "the one" because, just once, you didn't give her the lead. but whatever works for you...

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