I cry myself to sleep sometimes because I miss my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have been together just over 2 years now, I love him so much, we practically can't live without each other.

We are both 17, I'm in college and he is in sixth form, he sleeps at mine on a Friday and Saturday and I see him on Tuesdays and Thursdays but when it comes to sleeping alone at night I just can't do it anymore.

We obviously cannot get our own place at this age as we don't have stable jobs. I just can't fall to sleep without him and it's horrible having to sleep alone for 5 nights and only spend 2 with him.

What could I do to stop this? I don't want to hear anything about his jumper/item of clothing for his scent as it makes me want him even more, I also have a dog to cuddle up to so no comments like that either


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  • Find your faith in Christ, and it'll take the sting out. It's easy to get so wrapped up in someone, so addicted to their presence, that's its painful to be away.

    The only thing that helped me was finding a higher love - praying for healing and receiving it. Don't make him your everything, and it'll help you stand on your own.

    • Nothing wrong with christ but there is nothing wrong with missing your other half. This is what the father made us for... to love. She's in love, I'm in love and it hurts being apart. This is how being in love feels. Christ is love.. I would say just pray to christ to get through this time in y'all lives so you can find tranquility and get some rest

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  • Oh love, nothing like it. Not much you can do at this time


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  • You are just going to have to tough it out and I'm sorry to have to say that. But if you have tried everything from the clothing, a dog, and stuff like that I'm not sure what else to try. Maybe you could put your laptop in your bed and Skype each other until you fall asleep. I know a friend who did that once and it helped her. Hope this helps!