My sister lying about having a boyfriend?

She's hardworking, smart, and good looking but this year she was put into a class with only guys.
They make fun of her and annoy her and she happened to be so annoyed with them that she lied about having a boyfriend. Apparently she said she had a French boyfriend. The reason was because she thought it would maybe work because my cousin is French and pretty good-looking.

Yeah it might be a joke but they took it really seriously.

The question is, what should I do? How can I tell her to defend herself in another way and how?
Also have you ever been in a situation like this?
She's also a senior and I'm only a freshman in high school! Do you think that this is joke to her? I mean she could get a boyfriend if she wanted one trust me but why would she lie?

Do you think this is okay if it didn't get out of hand?


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  • If she's in a class full of boys who constantly hound her, I can imagine one reason she'd lie about having a boyfriend. Not for pride reasons, but to get them to stop hounding her. Guys can be really really really persistent if they think a girl is attractive but if they think she has a boyfriend they'll (usually) back off.

    Unless they were just being normal bullies and not harassing her sexually. In that case, yeah, it was probably just to look cool. Either way I wouldn't get involved if I were you, lying was a bad choice and she's digging her own social grave.

    • Okay thanks I was not planning on getting involved I just wanted to know what the situation looked like and what she was in for.

      I think it is because she wanted them to stop hounding her

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  • WTF? "What should I do?"

    Not a damned thing, it's none of your business what she tells people.

    • The question was slightly misleading, I was more wondering how much harm it would to do we social life if they found out.
      I was kind of confused too, I didn't notice that I had put that.

    • If it comes out, it comes out. Who knows what will happen. Honestly, anything that happens in HS will be changed the week after, so who cares.

    • Yup, I can totally agree with that. I was genuinely curious if other people had maybe been in the same situation once.

  • She's 18. I think she's getting a little old for lying about having a boyfriend.

    • Yup, I think it was just in the moment. She just wanted a way to defend herself since she didn't know how to exactly.

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  • I wear a ring on my left hand. I call it my keep away ring. It is telling the world I am married... when I am not. I do it to not have to deal with drama.

    What she did isn't wrong. I would encourage her to stop adding to the lie though and tell them she doesn't want to talk about her boyfriend. Only because the more she adds the more likely she will trip herself up. She is a smart girl.

  • I wouldn't blame her though, did the same thing too. Am in college and these guys wouldn't just let me be, I am not desperate for a relationship right now, this is also coupled with the fact that they are just not my type. So I lied that I am engaged just so they late me breath.

  • Leave her alone