Girl gave me her number, but doesn't seem interested?

So this started with a girl I likes and see every so often. She mentioned if I had a Facebook and said that she would add me. After that I didn’t see any requests for 3 weeks. The next time I saw her she mentioned that she added me and left me a message. I was confused, as I never saw anything of a friend request or a message notification. I told her that I never noticed anything and suggested that shed give me her number instead and we could hang out sometime. After our conversation, she wrote down her number on a piece of paper without me bringing it up again.

As I went home that night, I actually checked my Facebook and noticed a message from her in the “other” messages dated a few days after she added me, but still never saw a friend request. I sent her a request myself, but I see she hasn’t accepted this yet. I texted her that day just saying hi and asking how was her day. I received a simple answer back. The next day, I also sent her a text to see how she was doing, for which it was another simple answer. I then asked if she was busy next week as I thought we could do something together if she was interest. She hasn't replied back to this yet and it’s been a few days.

I am trying to figure out the logic behind this and my next steps. Perhaps she felt like I was ignoring her because I didn't see her Facebook message? I know she is busy, but then again I always see her on her phone. If she’s not interested, why bother going as far as Facebook and giving me her number? Perhaps she was just trying to be nice.

I feel the ball is in her court with my last text, so I’m not sure if I should text her anything. Should I wait a few more days and give her a call instead? Or should I just forget about this girl? Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
Girl gave me her number, but doesn't seem interested?
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