After a great first date and kiss, he asked me to be his FWB?

This is the kind of guy who only has girls as friends in real life, Instagram and on Facebook. He's known as a flirt/man-whore in high school, but I dated him because I figure he would change.

First date: he took me to the movies and we had or first kiss. We then ate together and kept his arms around me. (Third date: we made out!)

At the end of our first date, he said that he isn't that kind of guy anymore and that he is looking for a long-term relationship now. However, we can't get married because his parents only want someone from his religion.

Later on, he texted me to be his friends with benefits and I told him off right away (because I was insulted that he saw me that way).

However, I still have feelings for him. Anytime he walks in a room, I can tell its him. It's like we're attached on a psychological level. The way he looks at me tells me that he loves me but...

Why doesn't he want a relationship? Is he afraid of commitment? He told me that he got hurt once but didn't mention much after...

How do I get him to commit to me? How do I make a player fall in love? (P. s. I'm the cute/nerd type and he's the sporty/hot type)

I see him every week at school and he keeps looking at me. He always passes by my locker and gives me these deep stares. It's obvious that he still likes me and that I like him too.

After 2 months of not talking, we went on a study date because he said he was failing a class. He kept trying to make me laugh, but I was serious/mad because he hurt me (saw me as only a friends with benefits that he could use and dump).

We have another study date soon... what should I say/do to get him to see me as more than just a friends with benefits type?

P. s. what I like about him: He is very career oriented. I like where he is from (culture). He is very family oriented. He's great with kids. He's very cute/romantic and shy (like me). He seems like great father material, etc.
After a great first date and kiss, he asked me to be his FWB?
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