Haven't yet broken the touch barrier... Is it fine?

Okay, i'm kinda a shy guy. She is shy too.

This girl and i are starting to see each other, and it's still early on in whatever this is, or is going to be. But we have not yet broken the touch barrier, a part from the occasional hug.

We're still getting to know each other, and taking the time to do so, so we've seen each other only twice (today will be the third time) so far.

Would this be normal this early in the dating game/relationship? I mean, she knows i like her anyway, we just don't touch each other a lot. At least not yet...


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  • Seems totally normal to me! If you're both okay with the pace you're moving at then that's totally cool. Take it slow if you have to, but don't be afraid to move further! I know when me and my boyfriend started dating I felt sort of weird about even holding his hand because we had been strictly friends for so long, and it might take a bit to get comfortable with it all but once you do it's great :)


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