Expired gas drops! help..

My mom brought me over "Little Tummys" gas drops for my son, he is 2 months almost and gets really gassy after I nurse. So I used the gas drops tonight before he went to bed. I out him down and went to clean the lid of the bottle and proceeded to seal the cap when I read the expiration date, it expired sept 2007. I gave him two small drops in his cheeks ( like it says to do for his age) I am wondering if he is probably okay, I should just discontinue use. But I am also asking mothers out there if this has happened. what to do? Do you suppose I have nothing to worry about?



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  • Hmmm, def don't keep using them... If he isn't showing any symptoms or anything out of the ordinary then it should be right, often the expiry dates on meds are overcautious... If he starts doing or showing or ANYTHING out of the ordinary even by the tiniest bit phone a doctor's office for better advice.

    • Yeah. I'm definiatly not using them again. I'm gonna call tomorrow and talk to the dr and see what to do. I'm sure he's fine he;s only had them a couple times. but my mom will hear it. she said she bought them, I guess she didn't think to read the lable. I usually read the labels when I'm shopping but sinc she brought them by I assumed it was fine... I feel bad

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