He says he wants to wait to have sex?

Been dating a guy just over a month. He wants to be gf bf but also says he wants to wait before having sex for a bit because previous relationships he rushed the sex part and it was just based on that.
Does he not find be attractive enough to want sex with me? Or is he genuinely being a good guy?
I don't know if he is learning from his past relationships or just telling me what he thinks I want to hear.
He's gone from asking me to stay over and making jokes about mild sexual stuff to saying he wants to be 'celibate' for a bit and wait til we;'re comfortable within the space of 2 days. Don't know what to think.
Any thoughts on this situation?


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  • It sounds like he is trying to be respectful towards you. He sounds like a very good guy to want to wait.

    • cool :) I didn't know whether it was just in regards to me or relationships in general. was kinda confused haha

    • Don't worry, it is completely understandable.

    • thanks :)

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  • He's had a change of mind.

    I will make a girl wait for sex in my next relationship. The Tortoise beat the Hare and I am in no rush to make hasty decisions.

    • why is that just out of interest? :)

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    • You too. :)

    • Thanks! :)

  • Knee jerk reaction? This kid's struggling with his sexuality and might be a little gay.
    But maybe he tried some hair removal cream or something and now his junk's all red and swollen.

    • I know he's not gay. haha what a theory lol

  • i call bullshit on this one. dude may be gay.

  • Probably trying to see if you're psycho or not, doesn't want to deal with a false rape accusation.

    • how would that be a good way to see if I'm a psycho? why would anything be a rape accusation?
      I don't understand your answer at alll

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    • Statistically unlikely isn't the same as impossible--it's a real thing to worry about. And frankly, a lot of statistics surrounding sexual crime are politically motivated and grossly calculated, so a reliance on them is not sound decision making.

      As for those disorders, they are very, very much more likely to result in a false accusation. And while he may not be convicted, just an accusation alone often gets a guy fired from his work, ostracized by friends and family, and results in overwhelming legal fees.

      I agree most people don't behave that way. But you need to avoid the ones who do, because the potential damage risked is just too high.

    • Right, thank you for explaining again. I do understand that false claims can have devastating impacts on someone's life.

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  • All men want sex even gay men

    • He's not gay haha. And he does want sex he just wants to wait a bit

    • He wants to bang his side chick and drop her when you are ready

    • I'm not the one sayng I want to wait though he is. He's not seeing anyone else