Why would ex post love song for me to see?

My ex bf broke up with me 2 months ago saying he didn't want a relationship and that he needed some time on his own. I accepted it and didn't contact him at all.

Anyway, fast forward 5-6 weeks and he texts me asking me how I am doing. He then tells me Merry Christmas in advance.

I saw on his fb the same day, that he posted a love song which he had made 'public' for me to see presumably. It was a song about missing someone and pretty much said something along the lines with 'We could still be together if you were the way I wanted you to be, if I was the way you wanted me to be'.

So.. why is my ex posting sad love songs on fb if he was the one, who didn't want to be in a relationship in the first place?


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  • Never presume anything. Coincidences do actually happen. I know girls do things such as this, and I'm sure that there are men who do as well, but it's rare that a man will. Now, he could have, but you need much more to go on than this.

    • But he has never posted anything for the 'public' to see. We aren't friends on fb, so I'm pretty sure it is aimed at me.

    • No. That's not logical. If you aren't friends on Facebook, then it definitely wasn't aimed at you. He'd assume that you wouldn't see it because he doesn't even know that you look at his page or even know that he has one. It's most likely just a song that he currently likes, or who knows maybe he didn't mean for it to be public but he screwed up when he posted it. That's happened to me before.

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  • You never know if that song is for you.. I always post sad love songs in my fb but doesn't mean I'm not happy with my relationship now.

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