Is it safe to say that 9 out of 10 single men are single by choice?

I personally think its B. S when a man has been single for years and say the reason He is single is because he has not found "the right one". Women outnumber men. There are millions of single women waiting for a man to commit. Look how long Kate waited for Prince Williams marry her. The point is women don't have problems with wanting to settle down. It's the men that don't want to commit and op to sleeping with every woman they can. All a man has to do is be willing to let go of the player lifestyle and he can find a good woman. Men don't have the same struggles a woman has when it comes to dating. Also men are typically the ones to stray. Women stray too but it's less likely to happen. Now there are some women who are the female version of a man and don't want to settle either and slut around. But it's usually a reason for her not wanting to settle the number of that is low.
Bottom line is men are single because they want to be!
This is My Opinion not Fact but how do you out there feel about this topic


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  • Your are correct, partly. Yes, men are choosing not to marry in record numbers. A recent study by the Pew Research Center showed that in the last 20 years or so (can't remember exactly) the percentage of women who wanted to get married had increased significantly while the percentage of men who wanted to get married dropped by about the same percentage.

    Marriage is not as appealing to men now as it used to be, for a lot of reasons. Women are not the same as they used to be and marrying one does not offer the same benefits to men anymore. The risks and pitfalls are greater for men too. Just the opposite is true for women. Marriage is a better deal than ever for them. Thus the trend.

    By the way, studies show women cheat just as much as men.

    • Also, sex is freely available to men outside of marriage today, removing another motivator from the equation.

    • The Pew Rsearch Center you're talking about showed that difference was for age 18 to 34 and the 'significant' increase was 9%.

    • Thanks for linking that udolipixie. That's what I was looking for. Here's a snippit from the study"

      "The share of young men (ages 18 to 34) who say that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in their lives has dropped six percentage points since 1997, from 35% to 29%. For women, the opposite effect occurred, as the share voicing this opinion rose from 28% to 37%.

      This gender gap is a new development, as men and women were statistically equal on this measure in 1997."

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  • I have not found the right one, but it is because I can't find A one. No not the steak sauce, a single woman that doesn't reject me. I don't know maybe the right one already rejected me long ago, because I'm not rich, don't look like a model, and do not posses self confidence to the point of self delusion. Also, I would try not to compare you and other women with Princess Kate, because accept for Prince William, there are no other Prince Williams out there. As far as the player lifestyle, myself and my close friends were never really into that, maybe that's why we are all single, women only want to settle down with players.

    As far as it being "so hard" for women dating, I'm sure many aspects are, but keep in mind you never need to make a move, never need to deal with rejection after rejection, the mocking, the laughter, of woman after woman you approach because you almost never actually initiate anything. You never have to pay on the first date if you don't want to, you never need to deal with women going out with you just to get free drinks/meal with no intention of EVER following up, and even making a game out of it, seeing how many free meals/drinks they can get in a given time. You never have to watch as all the women who laughed at you or tell you they are "lesbians" always leave with the loudest most obnoxious asshole in the place because his extreme narcissism appears as ultra-confidence.

    Bottom line, many men wish they weren't single. Those are most likely the men that you women reject and laugh at because they are shy and not self confident to the point of self delusion.

    Also, believe me, in the dating game you ladies have it easy in so many ways.

  • I'm single by choice, not because i don't want a girlfriend, but because I want to get my heart straight after the last breakup. Also i'm leaving for compulsary military service, and since i'm considering enlisting permanently it wouldn't be right to string a girl along.

    Yes, some are single by choice. You know why? Because not all girls are any good. I don't care how people will take this, but truth is guys got standards too. And especially if we set standards regarding personality we're REALLY starting to filter out girls. Some are players, others just got justified standards. And some guys are simply too low on the scale to have a serious chance at getting a girl.

    And i want you to put facts behind EVERY single claim you've made, because you're arguementing with stereotypes.
    1. men are the typical cheater. BULLSHIT! Women cheat almost as often as men!
    2. men just want to play arround. Sure, the guys getting the attention do this, but it's basic nash' law of games. Look at the other guys, those you usually walk past. Count them! Maybe at a young age lots of guys play, but really, how many does that after 25? Really?
    3. men don't want to commit. Really? No wonder we don't want to commit if everyone's making assumtions like this piece of words. I'm sorry, but be carefull with what you say. Claims like the ones you make is an excelent way of staying single.

    • I hear what you are saying..
      1. women do cheat but men are MORE known for it, that why when a woman cheats.
      # 2 comment. You wouldn't know if that was true or not because you are on the outside looking in. Where is your fact behind saying only men at a young age play. and "how many does this after 25?" Really? is that not a stereotype of men under 25. there are men in their 50's still playing games..
      3. The point I was trying to make is men jump to the saying they haven't found "the right one". instead of saying they are single by choice. There is nothing wrong with having standards. But if men have "standards". Why do they sleep around with any woman who throw it to them. Where are the standard in that?

    • 1. i's not who's known for it. I'd daresay women are the worse cheaters, because you lie often for years to hide it. And he numbers on how often men and women cheat? well, fact is over the last 20 years women have almost caught up on the men.
      2. And you know better because? I AM a man, i UNDERSTAND how men thing, i understand the basic psychology behind it! And you drag forth the minority to project it on the majority. And why is it girls claim to be "played" when he stops responding after a simple one night stand or hookip? It was casual sex, diid you seriously think it'd last?
      3. It's callled entertainment. We're waiting, so we take what we want and what we can have. It's like waiting for a BMW, but using a Lada in the mean time. And why is it better to string guys along and date a ton of guys that you don't inted to get serious with? It's true, in various surveys up to 30% of the girls answered their guy was just there until they found a better guy.

    • So face it, you can't argue with me. Because you've allready lost. You lost the moment you tried to argue male behavior with female logic.
      We're men, and we think like MEN! So, if you want to understand why some of us don't give a rat's ass, you need to understand men logic by listening to men instead of trying to force the response YOU want.

      Got it?

  • Women do not out number men in the USA, but outside the US this is true.

    The reason guys stay single by choice is that a single guy can screw any dumb woman who will belive him. it is kinda nasty. The guys who can not find a woman have poor mental issues.

    • Men outnumber women up to age of around 50 worldwide , therefore there are tens if not hundreds of millions of " surplus " males worldwide , yet another advantage females have in dating & ( if they want to ) mating. Also men are demonized by the media in the West & women are brainwashed into hating men.

  • Most men are NOT single by choice. They're single because they want a woman to like them, but they're weird, overly perverted, just not interesting, or have some other quality that makes them unappealing to women. Very few men want to remain single for life; we seek companionship.

  • Actually, you'd be surprised how difficult it is to find someone you truly want. That is especially true if you care about personality. People say that personality matters more than looks, as if taking that approach will actually make things easier. It doesn't. It makes things harder.

    But, technically, everyone who is single is single by choice. There are billions of people in the world, after all.

    As for Kate, Prince William is not the average man. Let's put it that way!

  • Honestly I'm single due to some major financial and family problems. Between working, getting college funds, another car ( current one is trashed ) and helping out my family with food, gas and bills I don't have the time or even the capability to date right now. As much as I want to, it's just not in the cards for me right now.

  • I think most guys are forced to stay single by choice. Girls are damn attention craving and it's too complex for career oriented guys to stay in relationship.
    I have seen how girls especially college girls dump men due to lack of attention. It's just painful for 'one woman man' type of guys to be ina relationship like this.
    Hence this is one of the reasons why nice or good guys finish last.

  • Is it safe to say that I enjoy the smell of gasoline?

  • I'm 19, I'm a Virgin and I've been single my whole life. Not by choice, but because every girl I've ever asked out has turned me down in a heartbeat.

  • Yeah, women outnumber men, but you have to take into account the ages of their women, and how attractive they are. Where I went to school there were about 5 boys for every 1 girl. In other places it is the complete opposite. So it varies from region to region. In China for example many people will leave female babies on their doorstep at night to die because they only want male children. So if you're a young bachelor living in China chances are you aren't single by choice.

  • I am single by choice. don't know about other men but I don't take the first girl that comes around

  • Not by choice, girls rejecting me left and right.

  • Well what if your single cause no girl finds you attractive

    • That's a lie everybody is found attractive by somebody. It may not be the person you want it to be but it's somebody.

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    • Hence why I'm 23 and never had a girlfriend

    • I can't speak for your experiences but knowing women and being one. Many women don't care about looks, they can fall for you by money, sex or your personality It really depend on the type of girl you are dealing with. Ever heard people say how did he get her, or how did she get it. Looks mean something but not a lot. in my opinion

  • Aww, she doesn't understand men at all and now she's angry.

    One reason most men can't get relationships because most women are holding out for their dream guy. I don't begrudge them that at all, go for it! BUT. There aren't enough dreams guys to go around. So be realistic--most men can't get a relationship because they simply aren't dream guys. They're Average Joes.

    Avg. Joes aren't living the player lifestyle--it's a very small minority of men who do. Most men can barely speak to a woman, much less get a girl to sleep with him. Most guys would be thrilled to have a girl be in a relationship with him. At first.

    Avg. Joes' problems are several. First, he isn't desirable because he doesn't have dream-guy looks. There's a lot Avg. Joe can do to fix that--but most don't, so shame on him. Then Avg. Joe has an avg. job--again, his fault, shame on him. He doesn't understand women--shame on him. Anyway, not enough space to keep listing his faults :)

    But aside from his faults, women are out behaving rather poorly themselves, not leading lives that are about fixing their faults--Average Janes. But the Avg. Jane can still at least have sex, as long as she puts herself in the path of a player (who she then mistakenly thinks is what the Avg. Joe is like, because it's the kind of man she's interested in and the only one she sees--tunnel vision).

    So she starts becoming undesirable to the Avg. Joe, because he gets ignored, she's getting used by players, so on and so on.

    Now, add in Divorce stats: 50% of marriages fail, 67% of divorces filed by women, 97% of alimony paid by men to women, men losing their assets and homes (I know guys who are homeless after divorce), loss of his children (and many women turn kids against the father after divorce), child support payments.

    So he gets ignored his whole life, finally gets a girl, she's angry at men, takes it out on him, fleeces him for all his money, property, and kids.

    Why should he want a relationship?

    • Angry? I'm angry and you are offended.. Equal.

    • Came off offended? Hmm, not my intended tone. I'm just saying that most men actually aren't living the player lifestyle and that most men are not single by choice. There are some who would look at the conditions I described and choose not to pursue a relationship because it makes them bitter, that's what I was trying to say. I think most guys, if they don't get bitter, would prefer a relationship--they just can't get them due to what I described.

  • I am single cause I am not looking very hard, not easy to give up 100% freedom

  • I think people in general waste too much energy on finding a mate. We're supposed to be better than animals, but we aren't.

    I think the government should just give us a number and a scientific method to find a mate. All that rom-com bullshit creates nothing but single spinsters.

  • Absolutely. And until I find the Shulamite, single is what I will remain while on earth till the grave may take me. For it would be far better to be single and lonely than in with an average modern woman. Apparently, men agree with me, because birthrates are falling exponentially. Never will I settle for anything but my true counterpart. And Feminista isn't her name.

    What men are silently screaming today is that women can either get a clue, or the human race can go extinct. Women keep seeming to believe that sooner or later men will accept feminism. I'm here to tell you that men have declared eternal war on feminism. There is such a karmic backlash against feminism that is coming on this world that I can't even describe it. And once the dust settles, anyone left will never even mention the word feminism again.

    Women don't seem to understand that men are done with them and their stupidity. Not tired; finished. Forever.

    And by war, I mean matter of life and death. It's this far and no farther. The battle lines are drawn here and now. If women wanted a war, by the flames of hell they will certainly get one. Expect no mercy or quarter.

    • WTH..

    • That's exactly correct. What you do not understand of my response is the very thing all women will in fact understand once the cycle is completed.

      The basic formula of the ruling carnal principle of the masculine and feminine is as follows: the feminine whore principle first becomes vampire and swells with the wine of fornication. But there is a karmic reaction that was lost somewhere to the common mind. It is thus.

      "And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire." -- Revelation 17:16

      It matters not if one "believes".
      For these things are eventualities based upon the causality of natural law having gone averse. It WILL happen. And we are even now beginning to see the societal fallout of the chain reaction. It has begun. It is only a matter of time. This is not Babylon rising. This is Babylon fallen once, and fallen once again.

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  • Is it safe to say that 9 out of 10 single men are single by choice?
    In my opinion yes. Statistics also seem to agree as it seems more and more guys are opting for bachelorhood. Interestingly enough it seems more and more gals while desiring marriage/relationships choose to opt out until they find their perfect guy.

    I find most guys are looking for sex with as many hot young gals as possible not a gf. it seems the only guys that primarily desire and seek out a gf are those with no to low sexual options. I also find those that consider a gf an option tend to have high beauty/youth standards.

  • Well, I guess you have to consider what that choice is.

    Technically yes, it might be their choice to say no to a relationship. But maybe that's because they haven't found the right girl yet.

    I have never been in a relationship. I went on some dates with a few different guys, but I didn't feel a spark with any of them. So is it my choice to stop going out with a guy who is into me? Yes. But the alternative would be to be in a relationship with someone that I am not attracted to, someone I am not happy with. And I don't think that would be a very good choice.

    I'm single because I have yet to find that mutual attraction. I'm sure it's the same way with most guys - sure, they could find SOMEONE, but if it's not someone that's good for them, what's the point?

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