Why are white men so weak?

I was seeing this ''white'' guy and he was pretty cute and sexy in my eyes, but one thing that bothered me a whole lot was that he was passive, submissive, Always wanted to talk things out, very needy and i just wanted him to man up and show me who was the man and stick with it. He would never say what he wanted and i like a guy who speaks his mind, he was in my eyes too timid, al tho he was nice, he was also very mean sometimes, like only when he is pissed he would say the truth... rarely and he would be very mean. Black men... are NOT like that, they tell women what to do and man handle them.. why is that?


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  • Because they are socialized to be passive from teachers, parents, and popular culture. If they act up, they're put on medication to "calm them down".

    • Sadly, this. Ritalin is prescribed for symptoms of behaving like a human male.

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  • It is evolution... white men are more clever than blacks. because their brain's are better.

    • It wasn't long before this nonsense made its way into proceedings. Where do you people get this waffle from?

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    • Peope must not talk who doesn't learn about biology... it is a realty. all of the scientists say,"blacks have got muscle, white men have got good brain." Which is important? blacks as slave were used by clever whites

    • wimps always go anonymous.

  • weakness has nothing to do with skin color, sister...

    • Actually its scientifically proven that black men have more testosterone than white/Caucasian men.

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    • I'm a scientist. Nothing in science is PROVEN. The only think you are trying to prove is your own prejudice.

    • @killertaco

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