Tinder - White or Not app. Swipe Right if they're White?

Respond anonymously if you're afraid of sounding like a bigot. But truthfully, are you more inclined to swipe right on someone if they're white?

I know guys will swipe right on just about anyone, but girls are extremely picky and tend to go for whites.

  • White is an automatic right swipe
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  • White means higher chance of swiping right
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  • White, black, brown, yellow, meh they're all the same
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  • I swipe right based on their attractiveness and the picture they paint of themselves with their bio and pics. I'm not swayed by skin colour one way or the other.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I'm actually on it right now (and I have no idea why). But I am more attracted to my own ethnicity. Does not mean I won't swipe right if they aren't. Some Italian guys are pretty attractive, and others as well. But right now I just want to throw my phone out the window.
    My PMS is bad right now oh my god.

    • Would you swipe left on non-caucasians though? e. g East Asians, Asian Indians etc

    • I swipe left on everyone right now LOL I'm that cranky.
      I have swiped right on different ethnicity before. I have also given the time to actually consider swiping them to the right until I find out they are doing something I don't like in a picture. :( Which happens way too often. I'm crabby right now. Sorry.

  • They're some ugly ass white people in the world (just like every other race) so no. But I don't have a tinder, sounds lame to me.

  • Lmao When I had Tinder I swiped right on mostly whites because most white people in my area had Tinder at the time and there wasn't any else on it and I don't know about now but its safe to say that Badoo is more diverse. I hate both apps though.

  • Hmm honestly depends on the person, if that's what they think then they're pathetic I used tinder and I swiped right on people who I thought were cute and interesting no matter what skin color they were


What Guys Said 2

  • We all have our secret racist opinions.
    For example , I think NASCAR races are not very good , I much more prefer Formula 1 races.

    But not in the sense you describe no... beauty doesn't have borders or colors.

  • What the hell do you mean by whites?
    White skin?
    If thats a yes then no i don't judge people by their friggin skin.

    • What the hell do you think white means?

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    • @asker no I'm not.
      But where I come from just the idea of someone swiping left and right just because of someone's colour is really friggin stupid.
      That sounds iggnorant to me because all races have gorgeous people so to talk about swiping for colour...

    • I agree that it is an ignorant way of thinking, but unfortunately, the fact that there's an ignorant media out there is reflective of there being an ignorant audience. People are rigid in their minds of who they want and fail to get to know people. They'll realize one day, when their market value is next to 0, that personality can in fact be very seductive.