He hasn't made plans to see me this weekend?

I've been seeing this guy since November, and he told me pretty early on he's looking for something more serious. Everything was going well, I wish he was a little more expressive and gave more compliments but I still really like him.

I didn't see him for a period of 3 weeks over the Christmas holidays because if he was away, I was in town and vice versa. We live about an hour away from each other.. Either way, we aim to see each other once a week.

Last weekend I told him I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to see him next week because of work, but I'll let him know on Monday. He says it's not the end of the world. We always think of fun plans to do in advance.. So on the Monday I told him that I'm actually free on the Saturday night , but he hasn't said anything. I texted him last night asking if he wanted to talk over the phone, but he said it was too late since he has morning classes, and even today I have night class and right after he has lacrosse and hasn't even made another effort to call or hangout this weekend…I'm a little upset



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  • My question is: do you yourself give him any compliments?

    • I call him "handsome" or "sexy" every now and then.. when I see him I always say how happy I am and I always say thanks when he drives me or buys dinner or something. He'll do nice things, but he hasn't said anything really nice to me like how beautiful I am or how special I am to him..

    • Oh ok. Well in that case it's somewhat inconsiderate of him, I agree.

  • you're just busy. it'll all be fine in a week or so.


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