Does he like me or is he just killing time?

I've been seeing a guy for about 3 months. I really like him but I can't tell if he's just killing time. He is such a gentleman when we're together and goes out of his way to pay for everything, spend days together... and took me to the airport when I went away on holiday. He hasn't told me to my face he likes me and occasionally will compliment me by text. Sometimes I won't hear from him for days and Im the one initiating contact most of the time and it worries me that maybe I like him a lot more than he likes me. I also think Im way out of his league as well. He's really tall and good looking and he gets a lot of attention from women throwing themself (which I've picked up in conversation) at him and Im really petite so we look a little odd together. Also a lot of his friends are settling down and having kids so I dont know if he's just lonely and just settling for me. He also is divorced but I dont know if he's over it (she cheated on him in a few months of marriage) which was only 2 years ago as he talks about it a lot and I dont know if he's really over her, although he did refuse to meet her when she tried to contact him again 6 months ago. Should I be worried?


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  • Im sorry if this is offensive but have you been sleeping with him? because from experience, guys can be total sweethearts while your with them if they think you'll put out. And when they dont want sex they could care less about you.

    • Yes we have, which what makes me wonder whats going on