Does my ex girlfriend still love me even though she is with someone else?

Hello, I've been going through this for quite awhile. About five months ago my ex and I broke up due to mistakes I made in the relationship. We were together for, four years and for the most part it was a very happy loving relationship until the end. I became angry, bitter, cold even towards her... For some reason or another the trust I felt towards her before disappeared.

Also, my friends say there is some significance to this, but she first stated she wanted a break, not a break up. I of course, reacted horribly to her suggesting that, and due to my actions she then stated, she wanted a "Break up". I can also say I was her first boyfriend, kiss, hug, anything you can think or I was her first... I am not sure if that means something though.

At any rate, she broke up with me, and it effected me greatly. Not only me but her as well it seems. Her and I both stopped eating properly for quite awhile. She put up sad love songs on youtube about regret and loss, she joined sad facebook groups some titled "Acting like everything is okay when it is killing you inside." "I think about you a lot..." Etc.

Granted it has been some time since I saw the last signs of pain, namely due to her blocking me on most things. Reason being, because I fell into the trap of desperation of trying to reach her, see what she is doing, so on an so forth. The last time I honestly did not try communicating with her was for about a month. So as far as that goes I am improving.

The more pressing matter I am concerned about is, after about a month and a half after the break up she started dating a guy over the internet. Now, I am 22, she is 19, but this new guy is 16 and lives in England where as she lives in the United States. All my friends are telling me he is just a rebound and it will not last, but it seems like they have been together for about 3-4 months now. I am unsure how long rebounds last, but I think that may be a bit long.

Also, awhile back I noticed that he would state things like. "I love you eternally! My princess! Forever we will be together! That will never change!" Stuff like that. And he does it often, but each time he shows public affection she does not seem to reply to it. The most he had received was. "Aw thanks."

Even on facebook, the moment we broke up she hid her relationship status, she never put single or anything. She deleted it. And if she is with this guy now, why hasn't she put up being in a relationship with "this person."?

A lot of it does not seem to make much sense to me and I am trying to piece together what is the most logical answer.

In the end my questions are...

Is this new guy a rebound?

Does she love him?

Is she still in pain due to the break up?

Does she still love me?

Did she really just want a break at first or did she really want to break up?

Would she want to make things work in time?

Thank you for your help in advance.
Does my ex girlfriend still love me even though she is with someone else?
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