My ex said I love you during sex?

Hi everyone !

So I've been seeing my ex for about 2 years now probably every week or so just to have sex, obviously at the start I had feelings for him still, and he really could care less about me (because he has a girlfriend, yeah I'm not so proud about this).

But now it's like the roles are reversed I really do not care anymore, and he's the one calling me EVERYDAY to see me (just for sex but still before it used to be once every 2 months), and the last time we did it he said "I love you" like he looked into my eyes and everything.
He saw my face just fall apart and then he said "umm no i don't know" and I sort of ignored it because I didn't want to make a big deal out of this.

But now I can't stop thinking about it and I wonder if I still have feelings for him or if he does? And it's not like I can keep him out of my mind because he calls me everyday, (I don't go everytime though), and also he has a girlfriend of 2 years and I just don't understand why he stays with her because he says "I don't care about her". And also I can't confront him about this because he's the kind to hide his feelings so even if it were true he would probably deny it. HELP ME UNDERSTAND MEN OHMYGOD !

1. Does he still have feelings for me? (I was his 1st serious relationship)

2. Does he actually still love/respect his gf when he's sleeping with me?
My ex said I love you during sex?
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