Why is my ex constantly bashing me to others and treating me so poorly?

To make a long story short, my ex boyfriend of a year cheated on me with my best friend after she confessed she'd been in love with him during my relationship with him and ended up leaving me for her, he came back crying and like an idiot I took him back, and ultimately left me again for another girl. He didn't even apologize to me for what he did but he apologized to my ex-best friend for lying to her because he didn't really love her, and at least she was able to get some type of closure.
During the relationship his family constantly tore me down, about my appearance and he sometimes he'd go right along with them. I was always suspicious of his friendship with my best friend and when I said something to him he always disreguarded me in the most disrespectful manner. That really destroyed me, the relationship wasn't really a easy going relationship, but did I love that boy.
Karma is a bitch because his girlfriend after me (the other girl he left me for) cheated on him and left him for her ex, and every girl he's pretty been with and had sex with always ends up leaving him or he leaves them.
Anyway, back to the story I was able to have 2 boyfriends after him, but never had sex with them, and it never worked out. My ex actually met one of them and for some reason was so upset at the fact that he was boyfriend. He messes with my feelings when he contacts me (and he rarely contacts me) and he's always speaking badly about me when I did absolutely nothing to him. When I confront him about these things, he denies it. Sometimes I try to be kind to him so all of his friends and him can stop calling me crazy and I don't really know if I still love him, but I do know he's no good for me and I do believe that I would never get back with him after what he did to me and after the various ways he's humiliated me. But sometimes what he's done to me still hurts and when I think about it, it drives me to tear


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  • if your ex is treating you poorly, break up w/ him again

  • Let not the testimony of women be admitted... on account of the levity of their sex


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  • You're not being crazy at all, in fact, I think you should quite talking to this guy altogether. As bad as that sounds. But he made a choice to betray and hurt you. He never considered your feelings. You know why he's probably being so downright obnoxious? Is probably down to his own guilty conscience. He knows he did wrong by you, and he may well even have regrets. But guys are never good at taking blame/responsibility for the consequences of their own actions. So, often? They'll lash out or being unkind with regards to us instead. They've got to filter their hatred somewhere and often, ex girlfriends are perfect targets for when it comes to that. I'm dealing with the same thing pretty much. An angry ex boyfriend who verbally bashes me to everyone because he can't take responsibility for his own actions. It's not our faults. All we can do is hold our heads high, show them our worth and walk away. That's all there is to it. It hurts and I think I know just how you feel. Sometimes I get teary too, but I hope in the long run that the tables will turn. And I believe that they will at some point, just got to keep hoping.


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