Have you ever heard from a ex after a forced break up by family?

So I dated a girl for a few months she wasn't mentally will from being sexually attacked by close guy friends. We got very closed after I helped her out to the point i was the only guy she felt comfortable with.. we did have sex a few times I did make one mistake then after that been perfect with sex to the point she would cry over how respectful I was.

In the middle of having sex I stopped since she started crying to comfort her which she just kept saying sorry for weeks after that. She had a guy refuse to get off her during sex once she didn't known you could take back consent at anytime.. I told her he raped her. So we stopped having sex after that which she felt horrible about but I was okay with waiting.

We ended up deciding to try agin since she really wanted too it went perfectly.
She offered a few times to send me nudes&make a sex tape so I can have something to remember her by when she gos off to college.

We ended up doing it and her parents who are control freaks went through her phone find out then ended the relationship forced her to block me everywhere.

They took everything away from her but she find a way to text me through Xbox. She ended up telling me some of the things her parents would say about me and how her family felt about me. I felt so betrayal that she didn't stand up for me which she said she would one day but was so afraid over how angry they were.

I have had 2 other ex girlfriend parents forced us apart over my skin color and it broke me in two. I have a lot of truma with forced break up so I ended up stressing her out since I didn't known how to handle my feeling and just wanted her to tell them she loves me. After 2 n half months of talking on and off she blocked me today after a 18 days if not talking I break down. I just don't handle forced break up very will... its somethings I'm dealing with in therapy.

I just wonder if anyone else here has been through s forced break up? Did you ever hear from the ex boyfriend or
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She will be in college 8 hours away soon where she has more freedom and last control from her family. I will be going to trade school once summer over for emt
Have you ever heard from a ex after a forced break up by family?
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