He said “I love you” during sex? Did he mean it?

I was seeing this guy for about a month quite seriously, and we both really liked each other and talked about how we knew it was headed somewhere serious - but a few weeks ago he blew me off, and I spoke to him about it a week later and he explained everything and basically he’s just not ready to let another person into his life that could fuck him over and hurt him (his ex messed with his head so much he ended up hospitalised for risk of self harm), and when i’d Said In an earlier conversation that “I’m not her”’ meaning I’m not going to hurt him, it freaked him out and made him realise that I could potentially hurt him that badly one day and he’s not ready to let it happen.

I ended up back at his the other night after a party, and we had sex. It wasn’t planned, but we both knew it was bound to happen at some point... what I didn’t expect was for him to look me in the eye during sex and say “I love you”. The worst part is, I don’t actually remember what happened after, apart from me saying “what?” As I didn’t expect it. I was extremely fucked, and he even had to stop during it as he felt bad because I was so gone. We were drinking and had taken coke mixed with mdma, although I’d been drinking longer and I end up rubbered on mdma, whereas it doesn’t really affect him so I’m assuming he knew what he was saying. In my experience of being with him while he was on drugs or drunk or both (it’s not a regular thing so don’t judge, almost everyone does it) he’s only ever told me extremely truthful things about himself and his life and so on, and would overshare. But I just can’t tell if he meant that or if he was just love buzzing Even worse than most people would?

Why would he break up with me if he were in love with me?
He said “I love you” during sex? Did he mean it?
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