Does he still love me?

my boyfriend and i had a little argument and after that our relationship changed so much, i don’t know if he still interested or not (even though the argument was about something he did). we only been together for months and i find it so hard to open up easily.

and someday he told me he’s trying to get close to me and i just keep pushing him away i apologized and told him this is my personality and i can’t open up easily and i will try to

he thanked me for explaining, and that’s it

but lately we don’t talk at all like it’s been 3 days since the last time we talk we went out for dinner, and we went home.

and if we text its only a question about something and thats all

he stoped texting my good morning along time ago and i recently noticed about it. the last time he told me he loved me maybe a month ago.

i’m really confused i’m so shy to ask him what am i to him when we barely talk.

i really miss him and love him but i really need to know, my overthinking is killing me.

and also the last time we went for dinner i asked him if we can meet because i wanted to ask him like what are we and talk about us.

but i don’t know what happened to me i really couldn’t do it. i really prepared myself and what i’m gonna say but i couldn’t. for me i will find it easier to talk to him about this through text not face to face.

so should i text him or what should i do?

1 y
+ he’s treat so good in real life but through text he's so cold
1 y
he treats me so good*
Does he still love me?
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