Does he still love me?

My boyfriend of 8 months broke up with me at end of June. He just said he didn't want a relationship anymore. It's been 4 months and he has not left me alone. In the beginning I would ignore and ignore. And if I blocked him he would still call 20+ times on *67. I have been seeing him but he said that he still doesn't want a relationship and that I come on so strong. I'm like we did have an almost year relationship. And I've told him, it's completely find if he doesn't want to be with me but please leave me alone so that I can move on. But then he'll call me up and tell me he loves me and blah blah.
This past weekend he went to a high school reunion and blew up my phone with 15+ texts and 10 calls afterwards. I finally answered and he said it would've been nice to have me with him and show me off. Then he told me he bought a new boat and wanted to take me on it and give things another shot. Of course he was drinking and he said it wasn't because he was drinking and that he wanted to wake up next to me and have a nice day together. We did and we spent the whole day on the lake and his friends came later on. I was hesitant to go because I found out he had hooked up with someone else but I thought it made him realize that I was the one he loved.
Fast forward 2 days later and he's hooking up with the girl again.
While we dated, His mom told me that his dad did this to her for years before they were dating and then she moved away states away from him and he chased her for 7 years and finally they got married. I just thought maybe it was one of those things- he just wasn't ready to commit but still loves me. But now I feel like an idiot for going out on the boat with him if he's with another girl. I am not trying to sound naive here. I just wish that he would leave me alone if he doesn't love me or want to be with me. Please be gentle with the comments as I am already feeling dumb and confused.
Does he still love me?
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