Is 17 and 27 too big of an age gap?

I'm 17. I'll be 18 in a month. I've been seeing this 27 year old. We haven't had sex. We are very secretive about it until I am 1. I know girls say this a lot but I am very mature for my age. Like when I meet people they usually think I'm about 25 by looks and my personalitYalso my views on life. I've been through enough to have the maturity of basically a 40 year old. Some of my closest friends are in their late 20s such as customers from my work and I become friends easier with my teachers than other students when it comes to actually talking about life and such. One of my closest friends Is a 30 year old man and he said he always forgets that I am 17 because all that I understand about life. The guy I'm seeing is very young at heart he is a young bachelor who goes out on the weekends he is very financialy stable wi th his own house and car he is a dancer following his passion and making good money on it. I have always dated men older than me but never within a 10 year age gap but reasons Me and my exs usually break up is there not very mature and they are between 3-5 years older than me and I always felt like I was dating a child. Is it really that wrong
Is 17 and 27 too big of an age gap?
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