What does he mean when he says 'Just leave it'?

I've been dating this guy for a very short while. Things got serious last night and he left because he stays quite far and he didn't respond to my gushy good night. Then this morning I saw that the last time he was on social media was at 3am, one of which is the dating site we met on... So I flipped my lid and told him off. He responded that friends from overseas had woken him up and he is obviously pissed that I'd been checking up on him. I apologised and said yes I was paranoid, had been hurt recently and I deleted the dating site match so that I can't see if he's 'socialising'. I asked if I was out of the dog box and he responded with 'maybe a little'. Then I asked 'what can I do?' and he said 'Just leave it'. Now does that mean just leave it forever or just leave it till he makes contact again? I can kick myself for coming across so needy because I'm not at all but I shouldn't have slept with him so soon. It just felt right and I really wanted to!

Come on guys? I'd really like to get some insight into the workings of the male mind here :)
So update - He contacted me today. A week of sweating lol! Amazing how one short whatsapp conversation can just improve your whole day and outlook. I'm glad he didn't completely write me off. Now how to proceed? I am really not good at games. I think I'm just going to wait and follow his lead. Keep it light and friendly. He says he's off the dating site? Well I'm not. Got two dates, maybe a third lined up.


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  • Wait till he writes you again, but for now I wouldn't even write him.
    If he writes you again then it was a probably just a 'leave it' as he wanted to think about the Situation and was pissed at the Moment.
    Hope all works out xxx


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  • I had the same thing happen to me before... and what he means by "Leave it" is: Leave the discussion alone, because he is going to do what he wants and doesn't care to hear what you have to say about it...