Dating 2 months, met his friends and family and now he's pulling away... should I move on or wait?

I was dating a law enforcement guy for 2 months, he is a single dad and was texting me everyday. We see each other once or twice a week due to his schedule and our 4th date I met his friends and coworkers and their wives.

He didn't make a move on me for 4dates and our fifth date we were physical although he was willing to wait. he's never texted me later than 10pm and we typically talk about each other's day with some flirting.

The sex is great, lately he has been sending me pics of his daughter and talking about his mom and family. I met his brother last week and we hung out at his house to watch a movie.

Now he is taking a long time to respond to texts and I asked him out and he's not responding. Is he wanting to slow things down or pulling away completely? Should I move on?

I really like him, he is a gentleman, attentive, makes me feel protected and is fun. He can be very reserved but has opened up to me slowly about his divorce 3 years ago and his fears on it affecting his daughter. He is an amazing father.

At times he has made comments about how "nice" my car is and "how big is your tv?" And has also been making some comments about me being "stunning". I haven't talked about my job... but he knows I make a good living and manage a team of six employees. I'm hoping that this makes him feel good about being with me but I'm not so sure... at times he seems insecure.

My last text I sent was when I asked him out and said "I like you, so I'm leaving the ball in your court" this was 3 days ago. But I've sensed him pulling back the last week and a half. I'm in the dark here... so any male feedback would be helpful.

He contacted me via text just 4 days after I left the ball in his court. He apologized and said that he had "personal stuff" to sort out. He is now trying to make conversation and it seems he's testing the waters to see if I'm still interested.


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  • He may be intimidated by you... let him sort through things.

    Having a daughter he is likely discussing things with her and making sure things are okay. He may just be working through some of these things in his life to calm things down too!

    On top of that... there could be job issues, etc. that go on behind the scenes that you are not aware of.

    You may just have to give him a chance to sort things out... if he is being pressured in these other ways... giving him some time to sort them out without pressuring him will work in your favour.

    • I am glad things worked out the way they did... the old saying patience is a virtue, has some merit! Thanks for the MH.

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  • Sounds like he has gone as far he wants with you and has lost interest or the spark has faded. Like you said, the ball is in his court, the move is his to make. If he doesn't reply, I would take that as a hint he is no longer interested and move on. Good luck!

    • So why introduce me to his brother? Why send me really sweet texts right after that night?

    • Guys will do this because they are torn between telling the truth and hurting your feelings versus keeping up appearances and avoiding conflict.

    • I second truthbeknown's comment about why men might introduce you to their families to keep up appearances. Before my boyfriend of 10 years ended our relationship, he still insisted on coming to my family's wedding, and on a long weekend trip. He even invited me to his mom's as usual for her birthday party. Then he dumped me shortly after. He basically went through the motions while he made up his mind. In your case, it's too early to tell. It could still go either way. Just give it more time. For some guys, it's normal to pull away just as things get serious. My now ex boyfriend of 10 years had done that way in the beginning. Matter of fact, I'm reading my old livejournal entries right now where I wrote,"I'm not sure, but I think he's lost interest." He stuck around for 10 years :D My new guy disapears for 3 days about every month I understand your anxiety completely :/

  • Don't chase him.. let him decide.. let him call.. let him take the move..


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  • I know I'm a girl, but personally, I'd wait a little longer to make assumptions. If he doesn't reply in the next week, try to move. Maybe he's having personal problems or something at the moment and isn't feeling very talkative.

  • Wait, it's still pretty early.

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