Am I destined to be forever alone?

I am 24 year old guy, i have never dated a girl. I have always been self conscious of my looks (mainly because of my enormous ugly nose, i considered rhynoplasty though plastic surgeon suggested leave it alone as he didn't see it as a major problem;another surgeon suggested rhynoplasty+septoplasty, which has a higher chance of ending in failure, that is where i became frightened). On top of that, i started to go bald (now i have shaved my head though it looks horrible; finasteride and minox didn't seem to help). I don't want to be whiny bitch, but this really SUCKS. I never had a chance to be in relationship and now i'm practically on "deformed" side as far as looks are concerned. As a proof-pic of me are in profile :) thank you


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  • Good grief man. You are not anywhere near what you have described yourself as. If you were to do a rate me question I would go 6/10. It does suck to be alone but you need to love yourself before you can love another. Looks matter to a point but that isn't all there is to a relationship. Have you tried online dating?

    • 6 is not good enough :D just kidding. Looking from the front i look a lot worse. But thank you for cheering me up :)

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    • Well i try to change my pic to show my face from the front, where it's clearly seen how wide my nose is and that i'm bald.

    • Yes you are bald and have a nose, but even from the front I don't think you are what you think you are. I stick with my first assessment. Stop searching for someone to agree with you and listen to the people who see you as you are

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  • Wow I really don't know why you think you look so bad. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your nose. And most men go bald at some point in their lives. You have an attractive face. You must have a really distorted view of yourself. If you want to find someone I don't think It'll be your looks that hold you back. Maybe your attitude. Try to be more confident in yourself! Or at least "fake it till you make it."


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  • As yourself I have a big nose and I'm bald.
    It never hold me back and I'm pretty happy with my "romantic life".
    What makes you so sure it's about your looks?

    • 'cause i have always been shoved off because of it. I don't think its my personality 'cause i'm really talkative , smart and funny. Plus if there are any guys in the room girls always disqualify me. This may happen once or twice - but it's a trend :(

    • I see the new pic in your profile and honestly you should look for a shrink or something like that. Therapy I think. You obviously is not as bad looking as you're saying and you are self pitting and self deluded. So do yourself this favor. That money you were thinking in spent on a surgery will be way more well spent with support to get you back on track fellow. And it will be probably cheaper anyway. Haha
      I don't mean to de rude or anything OK
      I just suppose you came here looking for honest answers from unknown strangers. So that's what I'm offering you.

  • i'm in my late 20's and still single, always have been sadly

  • Trust me. I'm a much uglier bastard than you are, I also have a bigger nose.
    I also just turned 30 yesterday and already wear a full set of dentures. I work a shit job and I'm currently on probation and drug court for having prescription pain pills that weren't in my name. I'm an ex meth addict. Manic-depressive. Suicidal. Overweight. A crossdresser...

    I'm still married for 9 years now with 2 kids.

    Do yourself a favor. Stop it.