How to flirt with guys at college/university?

how to flirt with guys at college/university? So i want to try to flirt(eyecontact and smiling) with guys i actually find attractive that also gives me attention, It has actually happened for years, i see cute guy, he smiles at me or looks/starte at me a lot, but i never know what to do so i just stare at them or just look away. Not because i dont fin them attractive, but because im insecure and freak out(i rarely like attention unless i ask for it).

I got some great tips how to actually smile, because that's one of the main things that i have problems with, and i want to try it out. The only problem is that i dont know how to flirt with a guy when i dont go to class with them. I dont really find anyone in any of my classes attractive... there is one guy that is kinda cute.. but he seems kinda insecure and shy and that doesn't work for me, simply because im like that aswell so its not going to work. There are other really cute guys, but the university is so big so rarely see them twice so it's very difficult to actually flirt with someone. And even if i was able to smile and hold eyecontact rhe chances of us actually meeting ahain wouldn't be that great. So any adivce??


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  • a university campus should be a pretty outgoing and socially happening place , at least that's what one would expect. there is nothing wrong with a girl making the first move. I always found an easy place to make conversation was computers in library , cause you could sit rate beside the person and have a few minutes to think about what you were going to say to them and they weren't going to leave as they were already logged in and you'd have some time to chat with them. I meet a few girls that way and got some email address / facebooks back then


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  • Have you ever tried not trying to flirt? People don't realize this but flirting often comes naturally so if you can manage to treat the guys just like a regular guy friend and talk normally to each other the flirting will just happen by itself.

    Did that make sense, maybe I didn't make my point clearly lol

    • it makes sense i guess... but then again i dont really have any gug friend lol
      i get you point... and im going to try

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    • even if i want to ask him (the guy in one of my classes) to study with me? he's really smart and he kinda cute, lol

    • Lol! That's perfect and it gives you guys time to talk and be close eventually.

      When I said avoid those topics I meant more like not saying..."Man, this teacher is boring" "Did you do the homework last night" "could this class be any longer ughh"

      Things like that should be avoided lol

  • Flirt with me... ;). I m a uni guy... :D

  • maybe you should make the first move with the shy guy

    • im would have no idea what to say or do... when i set my mind to actually flirt with a guy, like by talking, i always get so nervous and say the weirdest things

  • Eye contact-> smile -> say hi after class and make sure u meet again. Works on me, probably works on every guy. I am assuming there isn't that big of a difference between college and high school. (i am in highschool).

    • Also if a guy smiles back he will either approach you or wants you to approach. Usually if he isn't a pussy he'll approach.

    • well the difference is that at uni, where i go now, i only meet people once a week because of class, other then that i rarely meet people. .. its not like it was for me in college (UK) og hight scholl (US) where i went to class with the same people everyday.. so thats why i find it a bit of a problem..

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