Is It Bad Idea staying the night at my crush house?

Okay so today I was talking to my crush on the phone and he was asking me to come over and I told him that I am nervous because I never drove on the highway before. He lives 20 minutes away and we both go the same college so we see each other when we are on campus, but we haven't to hang out and chill outside of school. So we are trying to find days for me to come over to his house and hang over but our schedules are so busy it is hard to hang out outside of college. The reason why I don't want him over my house because it full house and its hardly anything to do and his lives by himself I think it would be better to hang out. Also he mention for me to come over after class tomorrow which will be at 7 clock and that I will follow him all the way to his house but the thing is If I go over his house to hang out it will be dark by the time I leave and I have a hard time to seeing at night, so I told him how I am so suppose to get home its really hard for me to see at night and he mention saying over. The thing is I could stay over but I don't want him to think that I am easy or I want sex by saying yes to staying the night. I just want to hang out and if I stay the night and leave in morning for my class since me and him both have classes the next day but if I do stay the night will I ruin things if I stay the night or not? Like we are both adults I'm 24 years and he is 33, so the age thing does play part because we are adults and it shouldn't matter but I just need advice.


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  • no i don't think it would ruin things.


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  • Just be sure to clearly tell him what the limits are (no making out, making out but no fooling around, we can fool around but no sex, something like that). Spending the night probably won't hurt anything if he respects the limits that you tell him about.

  • he's 9 years older! he shouldn't pull anything go ahead and stay over.

    • 3he is 33, so the age thing does play part because " a 33 yo guy expects more than a 18 yo guy.

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