How do I talk to a girl in class that I never see before/after class?

I have zero trouble approaching a girl before class, or if i see her on campus sometime after class. I'm actually proud of myself that I have the balls to do that. However there's some girls I never see before or after class, only during.

I guess I could go sit next to them, but we're at the point in the semester where everyone already sits in their usual seat so sitting next to her would make it obvious that im tryna talk to her. Even if its not, class is class so it's hard to get a conversation going.

Any tips/stories/experiences girls/guys?


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  • Just make sure you're all packed and ready to go when class ends and when she leaves, go the same direction she's going. Ask her a question or make a comment about class, absolutely nothing can go wrong. People do this to me all the time, it's a totally common thing. If you want to be super safe, see where she goes first and plan a route for the next day you see her,

    • It's gonna be extremely difficult to pace myself to leave along SIDE her. I'd have to approach her from behind. but yeah that sounds like a good idea. what about waiting outside the classroom and waiting for her to get out as well? obviously the very first words outa my mouth (in that situation) would determine if im creepy as fuck or a normal guy

    • Yeah that's totally fine too. If you don't want to make it obvious you were waiting for her you can act like you were messing with your backpack/phone/ papers for a second or something. Talking about class is never creepy, especially if it's a question. If she acts rude when you ask her something like that she's probably not worth your time anyway. You could also give her a compliment if you want to be more forward, and try to make a convo out of that (ex: she's wearing a band shirt, "i like your shirt, that band is awesome!", that's not creepy a compliment whatsoever)

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  • why don't you try to learn where she hangs around after class?

    • Thats actually a very solid idea. how would i go about doing that exactly?

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  • Is this girl never early to class? Does she leave right away? I'm just trying to understand the situation a little better. Because I would say be a little early so you have time to strike up a conversation...

    • I have experience with talking to some girls that are early. However yes, some girls are never early and leave immediately. Sometimes they leave with a friend too!

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  • Is there a seat next to her empty? I did this accidentally once, where I was late then sat next to her because she had an empty spot

    • even if there was when i wasn't late to class, still i feel like it'd be kinda odd because everyone has their "normal seat". and how do you talk when the lecture is going on? lol

    • I'm late, so it's normal to ask if the professor said something important. Your class sounds very small, or that she sits in the front

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