He hasn't replied to my text for 5 hours?

I went to a social mixer/networking event for people in the tech industry..I talked to this (very shy) guy literally the whole night, and he volunteered to come around the lobby w/me to talk to recruiters (even tho some of his coworkers were there). Towards the end of the night we snuck upstairs to the hotel's balcony & talked for like an hour. When we were saying goodbye he gave me his # and said "Call/text me if you ever have any questions about the software industry, or if you just want to get coffee or something." After getting some of my friends' opinions, I decided to go ahead & text him..I said it was nice to meet him & I wanted to take him up on his coffee offer sometime. It's been 5 hours & no reply..I feel like a total idiot now. Am I freaking out too early or does it sound like he's not interested?


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  • He's interested or completely socially inept.

    Either way its a win-win for you. Stop worrying so much.

    • He never messaged me, so I guess it was the latter lol

    • Cheers, you'll find someone better.

      Just a quick backstory. I have a friend whom is a computer programmer in silicon valley. I consider him socially inept (even though he can easily carry on a conversation, he is just socially "weird."). We went to this bar one time in San Fran, and he sits there and chats up this chick for literally 2 hours.

      At the end we meet up and I say, "so did you get her number?" I say it jokingly, with a tone suggestive of "obviously-you-got-her number."

      He says, "nah, she's not really my type."

      . . .

      Not sure why he sat there talking to her for so long if she "wasn't his type," but your story reminds me of this incident lol.

      Anyhow, happy hunting!

    • Haha I will never understand people like that.. but then again this isn't the first time something like this has happened so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Thanks!

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  • to early to tell he maybe just be playing the "game" what would you do if he text u would u wait? if he does not text back for like a day or maybe a big longer then u can worry

  • 5 hours!!! Seriously, pipe down. Give it at least a day.

  • message me his # ill see if he's away from his phone or if he is ignoring you.


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  • 5 hours is not an issue when having just met. He may be busy with something. Give it a day at least. Not everyone replies to texts right away if busy. If my guy is busy with work if could be many hours or a day til I hear.


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