How do I know if my girlfriend wants to kiss me?

we've been together for about two months now she's my first girlfriend we haven't kissed yet but now I want to kiss her pretty bad but I don't know if she wants too, how can I tell if she wants me too kiss her. and for those who want to know I'm 19 and no we haven't held hands etc.


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  • Alright, here are some of the hints she's going to give you:

    She'll glance at your lips when you're talking a bit more than 'normal'. And by this I mean kind of a lot. Like once almost every minute or up to three times in a single minute if you're talking about something romantic.

    She might bite or touch her lips a lot. Or touch things to her lips - like play with her straw too much. This is because she is thinking about kissing you and the blood flow to her lips makes them sensitive and almost tingly. Touch of any kind relieves the sensation so she can again concentrate on the conversation. You might actually see her lips flush from a blend-in-with-her-skin normal faint pink to a slightly deeper, warmer pink color.

    As the night closes or if you are close to each other's faces, she'll gaze at your lips for a moment - or a moment longer than she should - and then return her focus to your eyes. She'd like you to kiss her please!

    She might wear a brighter shade of lip gloss to attract attention to her lips or skip it all together in the hopes that nothing will stand in your way. When you're together she might reapply chapstick/lip gloss repeatedly to keep her lips soft. That's for you BTW!

    If you are close together or if she turns to whisper something and suddenly realizes how close you are, she won't pull away but will wait to see what you do. If she's shy, she'll pull away but get close again later to try again.

    Trust me on this - she's probably wondering why you haven't kissed her yet and wants to every bit as much - if not more - than you do. She's already gone out with you, she's already your girlfriend. SHE IS ATTRACTED TO YOU AND WANTS TO KISS YOU! Heck, I want to kiss just about any cute, sweet guy so I can PROMISE she WAAAAANTS you to kiss her! Like TOMORROW! If you see any one single tiny hint of these behaviors, that's you're cue. Or don't even take a cue. Just kiss her!


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  • I would make the assumption she wants you to! (It's no doubt making her crazy wondering why you aren't. Take it gradually, see how she responds, but you honestly don't have to go the body language route if she is indeed your girlfriend. Trust me. She wants you to make a move already. (I'm assuming there are no cultural issues that would change everything.)


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  • wow 2 months no holding hands! what's wrong wit you? just kiss already hmmkay!? :)