Going to a wedding with my boyfriend for the first time. Nervous, any tips?

This will be the first time I'm meeting my boyfriend's friends, and I'm meeting so many of them at once so I'm nervous! Any tips about how I should act or not act? Also, any tips on what I should wear? It's a garden party and I really just don't know what to wear to a garden party in general, but what can I wear that will impress him and also his friends?


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  • Garden party, totally wear a pretty maybe a little fancier sundress. As far as the friends go... I just went through this a month ago. Be yourself. Chances are he's been bragging you up anyhow so be the person he fell for. When i showed up to the wedding he introduced me to one of his friends and I was told he wouldn't shut up about me. Don't get super drunk, and try and mingle with others not just him ( I know this is a biggie, it showed my boyfriend that he didn't need to take care of me all night long and could have fun with his buds) There will be teasing from his buds, there will be tons of questions of how you met and how long it been etc... basically a job interview. Just be yourself and you'll be fine!

    • Thank you sooo much for the heads up!! This actually makes me more nervous haha but at least I know what to expect now

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    • It wasn't too bad! He took me over to the table and introduced me to everyone and then sat with us for a bit as well before he took off. The people I sat with were nice and made conversation, he made sure to put me with people he knew I would get along with. I was also able to spend time with the groomsmen and their girlfriends the night before the wedding too, so that helped a bit as well. Made me feel like I knew more than just one person. Maybe that will be how it goes for you too!

    • Nice. Seems like your boyfriend took really good care of you :)

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  • Um dress something which makes you comfortable and a little attractive
    Act normal like they're a part of your own family
    This will put things in a good shape
    And don't forget to stick with your boyfriend.. he'll need you all the time:-)

    • Why would he need me all the time? :P

    • What?
      You're his other half..
      Everybody needs their other halfs right?
      And they're his friends so you need to stick with him so he'll find everything comfortable and in order
      If i were him.. I'll need my gf beside me all the time
      Like i said..
      You're his 50%
      And he's your 50%

  • No I recently asked a girl to come to a wedding with me and she told me to fuck off. So sorry no advice.

    • Lol may I ask why you asked her in the first place?

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    • Yeah but why her specifically. Did you want her to just fill a seat? Or did you actually wanna spend time with her?

    • Wanted her

  • Why do you need to impress his friend in the first place. Just relax.


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  • a tea-length dress, soft color... perhaps pastels? depends on your skin tone. i think coral tends to look nice on people of all shades.

    it could be as simple as this:


    nice and comfortable for a garden wedding

    • Thanks! :) Do you have any store suggestions?

    • no problem :)
      it depends on your budget... but you should try out Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Betsey Johnson, Jessica McClintock. This is a good time to buy a spring dress- loads of options out there.

  • Just be yourself. People can tell when you're being fake, and that will put you off.

    For a garden party, I'd suggest wearing a cocktail dress in a less formal fabric (ie not silk or satin) with flats or wedges. Colour is your friend here and sometimes you can get away with a hat.

    • Is a black patterened chiffon maxi dress ok? Or should I got for something shorter and in a lighter colour?

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    • No I don't... but the top is plain black spaghetti strap jersey material, and the bottom is like a patterned blouse like you'd find at h&m. If that helps. Lol

    • That should be okay. If it's outside, you might be hot though. I always find I'm hot when I wear black anyway. ;)

  • Ahhh how exciting!! That your boyfriend's friends like you is important, so just befriend them. :) Be nice, but make sure you don't come across as flirtatious when you are being nice, because sometimes guys confuse those easily. I don't think your boyfriend would appreciate that, haha.

    Be yourself, they want to see what your guys' relationship is like, so it is obviously up to you and depends on your relationship, but I would tone down the PDA with your boyfriend unless he initiates, at least at first. Some people aren't a big fan of that kind of thing.

    Wear a cute sundress or something (just not white because some brides take offense to that) and heels/dress shoes. I'd probably be overly cautious and wear something pretty modest, because first impressions are big. I don't know what they're like though or what your style is so..

    Haha I am just rambling now, I have no idea if this is going to even help you at all, but I hope you do have fun! I'm sure they will all love you! (= Just smile and be yourself. Good luck!

    P. S. Out of curiosity and for conversation-sakes, how long have you and your boyfriend been dating? :D

    • Thank you so much! We've only been dating for just over 2 months. Thanks for the PDA tip! Any additional tips are welcome because I just have no clue ><

  • Smile, be yourself


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