Why I should and shouldn't date a Med student/ Doctor ?

Just started talking to one and my friend were all " don't do it , it's a pain " and others were like " lucky you".
but most of them didn't like it. they said it's a drag and that I'll go through a lot in order to keep the relationship going. I'm curious :D Guys do you have any advice !

thank you !


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  • I think it's a good idea more than a bad one they'll have a good job and take care of themselves and their loved ones very well. The only possible bad sides is that they'll be very busy and have less time for you. Some doctors may be more busy than others depending on the practice. Someone said sleeping around but I don't think that's a major problem with doctors as opposed to celebrities or politicians. Doctors usually take care of themselves very well.


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  • you should cause they make good money and are generally health concious.
    You shouldn't cause they're busy people.

  • Doctors can make reasonable money. Maybe not as much as a good plumber, but still OK. There's a plus.
    Doctors are high on the list of unfaithful cheating husbands. That's not a plus.

    • yeah... aren't they ! try Plastic Surgeon...

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  • Well, it's hard to keep the relationship going because med students have lots of things to study and sooooo little time to do other things!. It's not impossible but it'll be hard. If you really like him, give it a shot... but you two won't be able to hang out every day like most couples. And the pros, well, they are really centered people with a promising future and love to help people (at least I do).

  • date them because they can help with school work and someday they will make lots of money.

    • okay ! you gave me some Should reasons ! thanks
      But I doubt the helping part. they're too busy with theirs ^^

      thanks !

    • Well you can spend lot of time with each other by sit next to each other and doing ton of homework... So its helping by working in the same place.

  • Because the life of a med student is all work and very little play. I'm pre-med right now and swamped, and I was dating a doctor who works 60+ hours. So it just wouldn't leave a lot of time for you to spend with one another.

    • I know... not enough time for a relationship. it's frustrating !