Guys if you text sorry I was busy, isn't that just an excuse?

to me it sounds like sorry I was busy with something more important than you... true?


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  • I'm actually quite surprised to see your age, thought this would be a teenager question, I digress
    You can see it one of two ways. Either that the guy has important things to do or just things he's trying to do, but he still decided to answer you back when he was done.
    Or that you should be his first priority no matter what and that he should always stop whatever he's doing to answer EVERY text you send him.
    If I tell a girl I'm into that sorry I was busy, I legitimately mean it. I hope she'd understand I would be fine with her doing the same, communication isn't supposed to cause stress. Limit yourself to a phone call if you feel that way.
    Reasons I don't text back quickly, I'm working, im talking with a friend in person, I am in the middle of a video game (I'll get you soon as I can pause, but I'm not going to act like I don't need me time), didn't hear the message, driving, you sent a XD replay and I don't feel like being clever, and probably a lot more reasons...

    • Well when I was a teenager there was no what's app so I had to postpone the questionđŸ˜‹ no problem not to reply or to take time, but I don't like it if you have time to read my message and the. Don't have/make time to reply. That's just rude...

    • I getcha, I really wish that this site was around when I was in high school...
      I get where you're coming from, but

    • at the same time they are evebtually responding, there's many that won't respond at all, and sometimes I go quiet for a bit because I want to have a good initerupted conversation rather then half ass an answer when I'm somewhat busy

  • No not always. Being busy could mean that you were doing something hence the reason I missed your call etc, but if it is used like"why didn't you ring" sorry I was busy" then this could be seen as an excuse, x

    • But if it was important to you you'd make time for it wouldn't you?

    • Yes indeed, or if it was important to her, I would also make time, x

  • well sometimes I legit was busy and if the girl really wants an explanation then I can totes give her it

  • What if it's true? Sometimes I'm too busy answer texts, or even read my messages. It can sound as an excuse, but people should understand that it can happen

    • If you're too busy, you shouldn't even read my message. If you have time to read it you should have/make time to reply. I think anyway

    • Like I said, sometimes I'm too busy to even read them. At other times I can quickly read them, but it will require too much time to think about a reply, and then write. Sometimes people ask me questions that I can't answer from the top of my head, but I have to take extra actions, like checking my agenda, or look something up, compare stuff, think about it all, and then reply.
      For example, I sometimes check my messages when I'm walking up/down the stairs at the office, but that doesn't mean I have the time to come up with a proper reply. If it's a simple yes, or no, then fine. But if it requires me to perform extra actions while I'm superbusy, it's a no-go.

  • you're going to have to elaborate..

    • What do you need to know?

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    • Lol not sure how that helps but here goes
      6pm, read immediately, no reply
      Works at the airport. We're friends but when we hang out he seems v v interested to be more than that. Text was about that I was working at a certain time in a certain place the following day. I it a? At the end to indicate that I wanted to know if he'd be there too... does that answer everything?

    • I know that i'm pretty laid back on the texting. Sometimes i'll read it and think "shoot i'm not sure" then go back to working and forget about it until work is over or i have sometime. Then i'll respond.

      I know this drives the other party crazy but i can't say it's because i'm not interested or "not that" interested.

      Esp if you're just friends, i'll def answer slowly.

  • Well because someone has something more important in the immediate doesn't mean you are always 2nd in his priority list.
    like, no one will skip an important meeting or dreamjob interview just to go shopping with his girl, or potential girlfriend. If the girl really likes the guy, she will understand.

    Besides, you must be important to him if he apologized for a late text reply.

    • No of course not, but if you have the time to read my message you might as well have/make time to reply. Otherwise it's rude...

    • OR maybe he knows texting you right now will cause a long convo to happen. Quite a few times my girlfriend and I would be texting, and i would ask her a yes and no question. She could have just replied yes or no even when busy but often she would say yes or no, then say why or add up plans to the request, etc which will cause an on-going convo instead of a simple question. I don't know if you see my point.

      I think people should understand that texting has been made for people's convenience: They reply when they can, unlike calls which require immediate response.

  • Yes, sorry to say sometimes other things are more important and you can wait. That is reality.

    • Obviously it is very circumstantial

    • But if you have time to read my message you should reply. Otherwise don't read it. I think...

  • Depends on what it is. If he is working, he obviously won't be able to text you. But at the same time, he has his own life and he gets busy with all sorts of things, it doesn't make you any less important, that's just how being busy goes.

    • No but I find if you have time to read a message you also have time for a quick reply! Otherwise you shouldn't read it, it's rude

    • Well again, if depends. If they want to write a lengthy response back, they'll wait. Or they may not reply because they know they'll be too busy to reply to your reply.

  • Hard to tell., hy didn't he just call to say that?


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  • sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. you'll have to access the situation and how he is with u usually.
    id give him the benefit of the doubt but if it becomes a consistent thing u know something's up.

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