Is "Too busy/forgot to text back" a legit excuse?

So I'm talking to this girl, we're both teens, and after my very first text to her she didn't respond. I complained to one of my close friends about it(who's friends with her) and he asked her

"So what's going on between you and him" casually and she replied

"I got his text, but I was busy and was gonna text later. Then I when I got home I forgot to text him"

Anyway so not knowing my friend has asked(he didn't tell me till later) I used the 3 day rule and sent her a second text and she responded. Then we had a very short mini conversation, with her using emoticons and everything, and got to know some basic stuff about each other

Today the same thing happened, only I got a bit more personal and asked her about some of her hobbies, interests, etc, and me and her texted back very shortly(about 10 texts in total), and she replied just fine and into the conversation. However she stopped texting mid-conversation(ironically, around the same time as that first conversation) so I let it go and didn't send a 2nd text.

What do you guys think about all this? I'm not totally sure about her interest level in me, which is why ill try talking to her tomorrow, but I don't understand girls and their texting habits

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  • Move from texting to talking in person

    I like texting initially, but it gets old when all a guy does is text.make it a date do realize you have competition and you're not the only guy she is talking to

    • thats true... any single girl has multiple guys talking to them. Any advice to stand out from the rest? I do make her laugh quite a bit in my texts, and she's one of the rare girls to play video games as well.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Yes. It is a very legitimate excuse.

    I forget sometimes too, because I have so much to do and so much on my mind.

    Just don't worry about it.

    Wait a couple of days to text her again.

    But, if she keeps doing this:

    Than she is either:

    1. Playing games


    3. VERY busy

    4. NOT into you

  • Girls and their texting habits are something else, I'll tell you and I'm a girl, I know.

    This could go one of several ways. She's trying not to show too much interest so that you'd be interested in her, she isn't really all that interested, she's merely trying you out or she's honestly busy.

    However the way goes, don't sweat it. You're still young. See where it goes and if it goes nowhere, try another girl.

  • Most girls don't like texting for hours on end, no matter how much they like a guy. Try calling her.

    • thats true... although I heard from a guy she was previously talking to they texted for hours at night.. I'm thinking to try at night. also our texting convo today only lasted about an hour and she stopped mid convo -.-

What Guys Said 3

  • have you maybe got the feeling she isn't interested if she keeps making excuses ? so I don't think its a real excuse I suspect she might just not be feeling the whole thing

  • Stop texting and ask her out.

  • If they really are too busy, sure. But many who say that are full of sh*t.