I plan on giving up on dating for a few years. Could being the type of guy a girl should marry be bad for dating at my age?

I feel like girls my age don't want to date a guy like me. I approach girls I'm friendly but I don't "make a move" or "have game". I know girls don't say that matters but unless a guy approaches them a specific way I think they assume you have no interest. I just try to get to know them and who they are and try to make connections in other ways. I'm not saying all girls do this but a lot do. I've noticed though as guys and girls grow older this changes. I'm the type a guy a girl would want to marry. I think this probably makes me seem safe or boring. I'm quiet but am affection and fun when with those close to me. I know I'd be good in a relationship and I'd be a good husband and father someday. But right now I think I'm coming off as the boring nice guy. I think this why nice guys finish last. So ladies what do think do not to date the guys like me right now. I completely understand. You probably want some fun guy who you can act crazy with I get it. Guys do feel you must act a certain way to get a girls attention? I'm not going to change who I am to date someone. I'm just going to be me. So should I just stop wasting my time and give up on dating until I'm at a point when I can get married? I think right now having female friends is enough. I don't think girls my age want a guy like me yet. Let me know what you think.


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  • You're right about your thougths, but don't stop dating because they simply don't want to commit to you yet. On the contrary, try to date so that you can understand girls' behaviour better and read them better in the future. Think of it like training. I have no idea how to act een interested, let alone how to flirt, because i didn't think dating was so important in high-school. Don't become a guy who has no idea how to approach a girl.

    • I would approach her by just being me. Right now I feel as though girls know exactly what kind of guy I am and aren't interested. This makes me feel like maybe I shouldn't even approach them. There shouldn't be any specific way to approach a girl. I should just be able to walk up say hi and start a conversation. No game no tricks no lines. Just two people sharing a conversation.

    • What should be and what is are generally two different things. But it is your life, your call.

    • I know but I think I'll try just being myself until I feel I need to change.

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  • If you come off too perfect and good to be true then girls put you in their "marriage material" zone which is only slightly better than than their "friend" zone. You can try not to seem too perfect by trying to get her in bed sooner rather than later and showing her that you're not just a nice guy trying to be her friend but you're also actively trying to get what you want

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