Did she delete herself from tinder?

I was talking to this girl for a couple days on tinder and I asked her out for coffee and she said she'd love that. Well I waited until the next morning, to message her and I noticed all her mesages were gone and her profile was gone. Did she delete me off her tinder account? I don't even know how to delete someone. What do you think happened?

So she deleted the whole account? Or just me? Cause there are always hookers on this site that I match up with and i'll noticed they won't be there like an hour later. Not that I would hire a hooker. Unfortunately their aren't many girls on here who aren't trying to sell services.


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  • Yes, she deleted it. Question: how do you find the nice guys on tinder who will take a girl out on a nice date like this and actually be interested in dating and not just sex? I appear to be finding all of the assholes and the disinterested and the lazy.

    • I'd say try and see how long you guys can talk before meeting. If you both are still talking and learning about one another after a couple weeks then agree to meet him. Im thinking a guy who just wants sex won't ask genuine questions about you and will give up quickly.

    • I have the same problem. Girls are just on it for an ego boost from what I've discovered.

    • Or you could just date me:)

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  • she got bored and deleted her account

    • well that was nice of her.

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