If she responds but doesn't ask many hardly ever questions, does it mean anything?

if she responds but doesn't ask many hardly ever questions, does it mean anything? As the title says, does it mean she's not interested? Or is she genuienly that boring she can't think of anything to ask. She replies to my questions in full.
I even asked her to think of some questions to ask me, because first time she could think of one questions. When I asked a few days laters she still had no questions. She just asks the odd question and its never any conversation starter or ever really helps continue it. But why would she reply if she wasn't interested? I mean we met online less than a week ago. Its not like she would feel bad about not responding surely.


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  • Asking questions is a significant sign of interest in most girls but her lack of asking questions could just mean she can't think of anything. Look for other nonverbal signs of attraction.

    Hair touching
    Excessive smiling or laughter

    • were only texting at the moment, im still waiting to ask her out. Weve only been speaking properly a couple of days and her lack of interest in asking me thing is putting me off. It makes me feel like she's uninterested or just a boring person. But is this how girls are when they first text a guy? unsure of what to ask? Nervous maybe?

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  • Some people are just bad at texting, but better in person


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  • Girl's PoV here: She probably can't think of something to ask you. As long as she seems pretty enthusiastic in her response it's fine.


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