Asian girls vs European girls?

I'm a dude I'm on my sister's account by the way. I'm a white but I'm not from Europe I'm American. I tend to prefer Asian girls over European girls that's my own opinion. I wanna know you guys opinion. So Asian girls versus European girls?
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  • I don't know which is more appealing on average but I do think when a European girl is very good looking she's more attractive than any Asian, but I'm talking about only the most beautiful.


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  • I prefer europeans, because they are taller lol

    Well, I don't know exactly why, but I prefer them


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  • It's ok to have preferences but you can't just compare two entirely different races ( I feel like I'm saying this way too many times lately ) !! There are beautiful features in europeans and beautiful features in Asians. And there are beautiful and ugly people in every single country on this planet really. Apart from that Asian and European are not the only races. I refuse to vote for either of those.

  • Im from France and OMG Asian girls who are atractive are so cute haha i felt myself short but no they are much more shorter and appealing with their small eyes but yet some how charming :) dunno girls from Europe are so different...

  • Do you like Asian food 🍴 eh 🍣🍜🍲 aka Asian girls

    I prefer Asian food.

    • yummy probably one of the reason why I like Asian girls haha

    • You spicey thang.

      But sometimes I enjoy a 🍔🍟🍩🍧🍰

  • whatever is your preference


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