Why do guys start texting you after meeting on Tinder then unmatched you? Are they hiding something?

I met a guy on tinder we are currently 24 hours away from our first day and I swear he Is more excited than me. I kept getting messages on tinder from other guys and casually I scrolled down To read their messages and noticed that the guy in currently texting unmatched me. What does that mean? Does he not want me to see his current activity? Did he delete his account? I'm so curious but I don't want to ask. We're hitting it off so well I don't want him to think I'm insecure. (Granted I am) but I like him I don't care if he's still using tinder, he single and so am I but why hide it?


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  • On Tinder you can still text people who you're unmatched with? I'd be naturally curious about him unmatching, too. I think you should definitely bring it up, especially since you guys are hitting it off. Put him on the spot a little, or else he could potentially try to get away with anything with you, or be hiding something.

    I'd casually be like, "So I noticed you unmatched me. Why? :P" or something. Keep it light, but be weary of his intentions until he explains himself.

  • theyre hiding something!


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