My boyfriend thinks I'm desperate?

A year ago, before I knew my boyfriend, I was with my ex who's 10 years older than me. I loved him the way he is and I looked pass his age (trust me it takes lots of effort to do so). Fast forward, now I'm with my boyfriend who's the same age as me. He heard from a friend of mine that I used to date this person 10 years older. My boyfriend asked me "I can't believe what I've heard. Why were you desperate enough to be with someone so old?" What do I do now? He thinks I'm desperate. I'm not. To each their own maybe he doesn't think such huge age gap is acceptable but I think it is and just because I used to love my ex who happens to be older doesn't mean I'm desperate...


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  • so old? WTF? he wasn't 80 i guess LOL... if u r 18-24 then obviously he was 28-34 so not old at all...

    just respond like..."if u liked a gal who'd be 10 years older than u, would u consider yerself desparate by datin her?"

    • I'm 18 my ex is 28. But my boyfriend thinks 1 or 2 years old age gap is the maximum. When he was in highschool his friend who's 17 dated a guy 23 and they have sex all the time all the school knew about it so he has a bad impression of dating older guys... :(

    • I'd say he's close-minded... pretty sad

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