My boyfriend thinks I'm too good for him?

I'm not really sure if he's my "boyfriend," but we're definitely not friends. I'd say it's the beginning of a relationship. He calls me beautiful, cute, attractive, etc. all the time. He randomly says things like "you have really nice eyes," or "you have a great smile." He says he thinks I'm an amazing/incredible/magnificent person. (he actually says those things). I like him a lot. I love his voice, and his laugh, and his smile, and his music taste, and his personality, and everything about him. He tends to get very insecure sometimes and he's kind of "mean" to himself. He often gets jealous of other boys, but I told him I like him and only him. I'm also bisexual, but he doesn't seem to get jealous of girls I hang out with. He recently told me he thinks I'm too good for him, and that I "could do so much better." This kind of reminded me of how I used to be when I was very depressed and insecure. I remind him constantly how much I like him, but he doesn't seem to fully understand?


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  • You should have a deep talk with him, tell him he's the only one that you love. A lot of people have insecurities, and he doesn't like himself for whatever reasons, help him with that, make him feel better. :)

  • a lot of guys says that it just means you haven't really prove to him that you'll love him in good and bad etc


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