Do guys text because they are bored?

i dated this guy for a while and things didn't work out for us like that, but we remain friends. we used to talk and text 24/ he only texts me at least every other day and at weird hours, but he never calls me. he knows I'm sleeping, but still texts me in the way early morning. does he still like me if he text me or is it that he's just bored?


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  • Plausible reasons:

    - He's busy with work / school etc

    - He has another girlfriend and isn't interested in a relationship with you, at the moment

    - He is trying to be respectful when he doesn't have much to talk about (thus "staying in touch)


    Personally, when I find that a girl gives me "short answers" to what I say - I tend to avoid initiating conversations.

    Me: "We should go see a movie"

    Her: "Okay"

    Me: "I know you like those comedy movies, let's watch marley and me"

    Her: "Okay"

    Me: "Good, so what time do you wanna go watch it?"

    Her: "Friday"

    (I start walking away and starting to ignore her)

    Best regards,


    • She must be one hell of a special lady if your willing to sit through marley and me for her.

    • Lol - I enjoyed the dog in that movie. I had an alaskan malamute which was almost identical in personality. The whole romance thing was a bit daunting - but it had a good plot none-the-less.

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  • Maybe Ill text sometimes when I'm bored but he could be doing it figuring your more likely to respond. He figures you have no reason or distraction to not answer him than he can see if your just ignoring him as opposed to being busy.

    • Then should I not text him back at all?

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  • i think he has nothing better to do.

    • And I have asked him if he only text me when he's bored and he tells me that's not true, he does it because he wants to talk to me, but he never calls me

    • I think he's lying. If he really wanted to talk to you but didn't want to call you, he would at least text at a decent time.

    • I completely disagree ^_^

  • ya I'd say he's bored. I wouldn't keep responding.