Should it be a dealbreaker if he doesn't call when he says he will?

My boyfriend is generally great. But he has this habit where he'll say that he'll call me or that we'll meet at a certain time, but doesn't actually do it. He'll either not call at all and never acknowledge that fact that he didn't call me, or message me a few hours later to reschedule. I feel silly for making this such a huge deal, but it just makes me feel like shit when this happens. It's just the way I learn to trust someone in general - whether or not he/she does what they say they will do. My boyfriend has always been this way even before we started dating, and I think it's just who he is. But I really hate it and feel like I can't trust him if I can't even count on him calling when he says he will.

Do you guys think I'm overreacting? I always want to break it off when this happens, should I do it?


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  • I don't think it's worth breaking up over. Sometimes things just happen


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  • Yes, you are overreacting and it appears that you are being way too sensitive. You are thinking with your emotions and not logic. There's also a subtle tone of entitlement as if you expect for you to be a priority and for him to call you when he says you will despite what may have come up or what he may have going on. To be completley honest, you look silly in addition to feeling silly :/ No offense, but if you are a grown ass adult dealing with another grown ass adult and you both have grown ass adult duties and obligations then you should be more realistic. Someone not calling or rescheduling doesn't make them untrustworthy, it probably just means that they have a busy schedule and they're trying to shuffle various priorities.

    You're way too sensitive and you need to understand that you can't always come first. If you continue this mentality, which borderlines on 'princess mentality', you are always going to end up single.

    • you may very well be right.. when we schedule a time to talk, it's like a mini date to me (since we don't have time to actually go out on dates). wouldn't you feel bad if your boyfriend doesn't follow up on 90% of your plans?

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