He didn't call when he said he would?


I've been hanging out with this guy and we made out a couple of times and felt a connection. All of a sudden he just stopped calling or texting. Couple days later I get a message on Facebook he's sorry his phone is been acting up and he can't get to my number and he's getting his phone checked and I should "expect a text or more like a call from him". Said he missed talking to me too. So I wrote back. "It's cool. Don't worry about it (name). Okay, hope you have a good night". I'm not sure if that sounds like rejection or not so the next day he didn't call so I wrote " I forgot to say hope to talk to you soon too." I know I should have but I called him that night too. I did do a bit chasing. And it's been a week and he hasn't called or messaged me. What's up?
He didn't call when he said he would?
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