Girl says she likes me but doesn't want to lead me on and that she isn't ready for anything serious. What does this mean?

She's always hot and cold she's been flirting with me for months now. She constantly calls me by a nick name. She once told me I make her the happyest she has been in awhile. After we told each other we liked each other she started being cold. I've been kinda clingy as well. she's a very shy girl and very introverted, but I've also met her online and never met her in person.
she's 18 and very young and very attractive we have a lot in common she used to pay tons of attention to me but she's been really cold lately. I feel I may have messed this up somehow. Now I fear probing her for why she's hot and cold is going to create more distance between us. I told her I respected what she had to say and I didn't want us to become more distant and that I enjoy talking to her and flirting with her and I was just trying to get to know her.


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  • The sadder thought would be that she is leading you on. I mean, you can never be too sure of a person that you've only met online.
    On the other hand, it could be a conflict between her heart and her mind. Sometimes, our heart wants the things we shouldn't have at the moment. So, she could be denying you simply because she knows that though she wants this, it isn't a good time in her life to have a relationship.

  • It means she doesn't want you.


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