I'm confused if she likes me. Not sure what this means? Does she like me?

I have been talking with this girl for a month or 3-4 already, mainly texting as school is over now but we enjoy talking with each other, at least I think she does as when I text her she always answers me back, engages the text conversations sometimes as well, asks questions and keeps the conversation going and we joke a bit as well.

Now I told her I was going to a music concert one day and I told her I'd be going again next week, she said she might go as well, so we'd go together. Now that didn't happen cause she wasn't sure if she'd catch her last train as she had to work the day after, but 2 weeks later (which was this Sunday) he was going to perform again and I told her we could go then, she agreed and we went there. Before we went there we also already decided a day for a second date, I told her he would perform on the event she usually goes to and that we could go there together but I didn't know how to get home that evening yet, she agreed as well and told me she'd see if she had a bed available where she stays for me to sleep in. But now I'm going to talk about Sunday.

I arrived by train and we gave each other a hello kiss, then then took the tram to go to another town to go to the concert. On the tram we talked and laughed a lot. We arrived 2 hours early for the concert so we decided to go for a walk on the beach with our feet in the water. While we were walking we kept the conversation going with some jokes and laughs when suddenly she got a text from a friend saying "give him a hug from me" she read the text out loud and gave me a hug. Then after that she got another text from him saying "and behave you two!" then she told me he was acting childish again saying that.

There's where I don't know what to think about it. She continued saying "He's a bit like my parents, they always think when I go out with a boy, he's automatically my boyfriend and I'm going to do all kinds of stuff with him. It's annoying when they always do that". I'm not sure if she even means anything by saying that or not, but I'm confused.

After that we went to see the guy perform, sat in the sand listening to him and still talked a bit. We then went for a drink and she insisted on paying, I let her and after that we took the tram back. While we were sitting on the tram she had her leg against mine (not on mine) and didn't move it till people had to sit on the opposite seat. Then later when we were near the train station again we went for some food, I told her I'd pay there, she said no but I still did it and after that we went for another little walk, I was teasing her and when I did that she bumped my shoulder with hers while laughing and told me to stop teasing her. Then we went to the train station for me to catch my train, we gave each other a goodbye kiss & hug and I went on my train.

I'm confused if she likes me or not and I'm thinking about what she said about her parents and such. What could it mean? Should I even be worried at all though?
I'm confused if she likes me. Not sure what this means? Does she like me?
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