She says she really misses me then totally ignores me! Why?

Ex wanted to take a break about 7 weeks ago, together for about 4 months. Anyway a few weeks ago she said she really missed me and wanted to see me again and come round. Anyway we sent a few texts and I suggested doing something. She said yeah sounds amazing she can't wait to see me. Then I asked her when she was next free. She then never replied, it's been 2 weeks, sent her another one yesterday seeing if she was alright and still fancied doing something.

Anyway i get the point she's obviously not interested, but all I want to know is why she would say all these things to me just not to reply? Any opinions would be great thanks.


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  • she's playing games.


What Guys Said 1

  • She's the one who wanted the break so for a moment, she did miss you. But then, after texting you, she realized that meeting you, seeing you, would be very difficult. So rather than be rude (not texting is still rude) she decided to go radio silent since neither of you are require to text or talk. She has your number, she'll call or text. I'm guessing you still have feelings for this girl. I suggest you give her a call and stop messing around with the texting if you still care. If not, find someone who does want to return your texts and spend time with you.


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